Word from the founder


My journey so far

Following a Master’s Degree in Business Management, I spent ten years in the Audio-Visual Industry as both a recording Artist and Music Producer. During this period I co-founded The RUBYKUB Agency that produces projects in music, films and advertising for a wide variety of clients.

When I was the young man - hungry for an artistic life – full of passion and ideas – I wanted to find a place where I could feel home and make my dreams a reality! The Y-house has been conceived to be that place – a creative environment, ready to be discovered – ready to benefit a whole new generation of Artists.

Today, I am just as motivated as ever and welcome the opportunity of sharing my business and artistic experience with others to enable them to succeed.

This is the Mission I have created for the Y-house – to bring passionate, similar-minded people together – to enable them to take a definitive step towards the future - to make their dreams come true ...


In closing, I feel it is important to recognise that my ambitions on the journey to create the Y-house would not have come to fruition, without the unconditional support of my father, my wife, my family and without all of the other motivated, talented and experienced people – who have worked so hard to make this come true. Thank you all so much for your help, advice and friendship !

We hope you, too, will now enjoy discovering the Y-house and start your own creative journey with us!

Henry Bliss