The Y-house – A House designed for the artists in the heart of Brussels

Save the date: 03/06/2021

The Y-house holds it’s own festival each year in Brussels for you to discover or to show case FILM & MUSIC before official release! The second edition of the Discovery Festival, organised by the Y-house & SERGE RUYSSINCK (Dj Experience, C’est du Belge), will take place on June 3th 2021 at La Madeleine.

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The Y-House


The Y-house is an independent Film & Music production house based in Brussels designed to accompany artists, connect them with each others and with the world.

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Y-Huse Films

Production, Co-production, Associate Production

We produce short films, feature films & documentaries. Our mission is to bring soulful stories to the screen with a strong emphasis on producing high standard of music for films… Looking for a Belgian co-producer ?

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Y-House Music

Label, Original Score, Publishing

We produce singles, EP’s & Albums. Surround yourself with the best music creators from our label and networks. Get the exclusive or original music you need for your films & ads … Surround yourself with the best music producers in Belgium!

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Y-House Academy

Du développement à la Production

Vous avez un projet de film ? de musique ? La Y-house formera & accompagnera 20 artistes (10 scénaristes & 10 songwriters) en 2019/2020 ! Venez nombreux et rencontrez toute l’équipe lors de nos PORTES OUVERTES le vendredi 20 septembre 2019, de 14h à 21h – Rue Lesbroussart 79, 1050 Ixelles

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Y-House logo

Sound mixing & Image Editing studio

Are you looking for Sound mixing & Image Editing ? We have in-house editors & sound engineers for TV ads & films.


The Y-house
Rue Lesbroussart, 79 – 1050 Bruxelles


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