The Y-House

The Y-House

A house designed for the artists in the heart of Brussels

The Y-house is an independent Film & Music production house based in Brussels designed to to accompany artists, connect them together & with the world. We want our productions to be part of pop culture, street conversations and play a role in human’s life. Our playground is national (Academy) and international (Productions).

By providing artists with 360° support (technical, creative, financial, etc.) and thanks to our established partners and wide professional network, we have the capacity to promote our artists & works on the international scene.


Henry Gillet
Owner / Producer

Yann Lerculeur

Film Executive Producer & Academy Coordinator

Théophile Moussouni
Music Executive Producer & Academy Coordinator

Magaly De Prins
Communication Manager

Axelle Anne
Coordination Assistant
& Community Manager

Serge Ruyssinck
Festival Event Manager

Claire Soper
Festival Co-producer

Zoilly Molnar
Studio Film Editor



We love people with integrity and passion – people who will commit themselves to achieving their dreams and ambitions!

Knowledge Sharing

We firmly believe that the key to success is to share our passion and knowledge – this will enable us to grow together and achieve our goals.

High Quality

Less is more! It is not a question of quantity – it is a question of quality! We believe in focussing on solid values that build and develop strong partnerships and relationships.

Internationally Oriented

Evolving in a multi-cultural society, it almost goes without saying that each of our projects is thought-through from an international perspective.



The Y-house
Rue Lesbroussart, 79 – 1050 Bruxelles


Press kit coming soon!

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