Festival 2020

Discovery Festival
What is it?

A festival showcasing rising talent in film & music. On the program: workshops, screenings, networking and concerts. All the musicians, film makers, script and song writers are worth being put in the spotlight. Among the selected projects, some will be presented at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival while others are in preparation for official release later this year. An innovative and unique concept for you to discover true pearls of the Belgian and international scene BEFORE THE OTHERS!

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The sparkling Fanny Gillard is a well-known figure on Belgian radio (Pure FM / Classic 21) and television (d6bels).

LINE UP 03.06.2021

new talents
new talents

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Nicole Palo


Workshop for scriptwriters / scenarists
How to start the script of a film? How to get past the obstacles in your way (white page syndrome) and develop a writing method that works? What are the steps you need to take? To answer these questions, the Discovery Festival invites the public and the scriptwriters to participate in a 45-minute workshop led by the talented Nicole Palo whose second long feature film “Emma Peeters” was released in cinemas in Belgium and Canada in April 2019 and in France in December 2019.

Dan Klein


Workshop for Songwriters

As a songwriter, the most challenging task is to finish a song. We all have ideas of chords progressions, choruses and melodies but we are often stuck in the process of songwriting. What are the steps to overcome these obstacles ? How can we take advantage from a rather frustrating situation ? Discover your method by playing, experimenting, creating. The first rule of this workshop is that there is no rule.

Remy Lebbos


Workshop for song writers-composers-performers

Want to finalise your musical project (single / EP / Album)? Yes but you don’t know how? How to remove obstacles in your way and develop a solid artistic vision. What are the steps you need to take? To answer these questions, the Discovery Festival invites the public and singer-songwriters to participate in a 45-minute workshop led by Remy Lebbos, leader of the group Atome and sound engineer at the Rare Sound Studio.

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Seven scriptwriters guided by Nicole Palo will present their first film video pitch and first projects to the public and cinema professionals. One of them will be chosen to attend the Cannes Film Festival to pitch his/her project to foreign film producers.

new talents


Five songwriters guided by Rémy Lebbos will perform two songs from their repertoire live in front of the public and music professionals. One of them will be chosen to attend the Cannes Film Festival for a concert on 18 May.

new talents

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

9:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Nicole Palo


Her voice is first of all round and clear, soft, powerful and raw, the type of voice from deep inside that is pure. The body of her voice is supported by the sound of an electric harp that she carries around with her wherever she goes. Franco-American coming from a rock background, her first group was with the current members of “Faire”. Greene recorded with the French band “La Femme”, as a guest vocalist on their record “Mystere” and she has evolved since in the indie rock circle in Paris and Los Angeles. The Discovery Festival will be her first concert in Belgium!

Nicole Palo


A collective that brings together 12 personalities from the Brussels musical landscape who are friends for over 20 years: Manu Low, Kris Dane, Bai Kamara Jr, but also several artists and musicians seen at Ghinzu, Matt Watts Group, Sharko, Mercelis, Noodzakelijk Kwaad, Wappetonna or Earthman Doublewood. Alternative rock, soul, blues, funk, cumbia are embedded on both sides of this super sonic mosaic. The songs are sung in English, Dutch, French & Spanish! Their first album will be released in October 2020!


A film and music festival at La Tricoterie in collaboration with two renowned sponsors, Patrick Ridremont and David Bartholomé (Sharko) and the sparkling Belgian TV and radio presenter, Fanny Gillard.

450 festival-goers, including the media and hundred film and music industry professionals, discovered 20 film and musical artists before the others. Among the films presented, two were nominated for the Magritte du Cinéma this year!

practical information

La Madeleine

Rue Duquesnoy 14, 1000 Brussels

Public car parks

Grand Place or Albertine

Transport network

Train / Metro 1-5 / Bus 29-38-63-63-65-65-66-71-86: Central Station
Bus 48-95: Grand Place

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