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Independent-minded, we defend our roots that belong to the rock & folk culture.

Our primary goal is to produce EP’s or Albums from artists writing soul deep & original songs that are eager to develop their careers on an International scale. While having our own recording & mixing studio, we also work with top end studios such as Abbey Road studios, Dada Studios and Rare Sound Studio. Our label works in collaboration with the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (Public funding), M.A.P (PR), Intersection (Booking Agency), and visual creative artists such as : Simon Vanrie, Diana Vos, Grat grat, etc.

Our secondary goal is to jump-start our artists through our Music Services! (see below)

Music services


The Y-house offers a creative service that goes from proposing the artists to the delivery of the mixed original music.

We suggest a wide range of national artists and composers of different notorieties and all genres.

Thanks to our in-house studio, we also take in charge all the sound post-production process : Sound editing, recording of musicians and voice overs, creation of sound design, mix stereo and 5.1 (with our partner dada studios).


Listen to The Y-house COMPILATION and maybe you’ll find the perfect music that will sublimate your film.

Compilation 2019


The Y-house
Rue Lesbroussart, 79 – 1050 Bruxelles


Press kit coming soon!

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